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1,000 unique collectible characters. Inspired by the contemporary black artists' movement, street fashion, and the carioca peripherical style aesthetics. The CRIAS is an NFT project by IMPT!, it`s an expression of our pride in a valuable multicultural and local identity that reaches worldwide.

The crypto art creation process is 50% random algorithm-generated and 50% intentionally stylized by IMPT!, making each CRIA unique and mastered in a high-level style.



Launching of 250 new CRIAS per semester (2022/2023).

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10% of all earnings of IMPT! with the project will go to NGOs that work with cultural projects.


 The ownership of a CRIA unlocks: 
- physical products of IMPT! and discounts.
- exclusive digital wearables of IMPT!, as linked wearables, on Decentraland.
- access to events and exclusive content.

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You can expect a lot of good legendary collaborations to come!!


​As a company, we are committed to the NET ZERO 2030 - B CORP CLIMATE ACTION COMMITMENT. This will include compensating for all the carbon emissions that this project generates.

Our Story


Founded in 2015, IMPT! is a lifestyle brand from Rio de Janeiro, more precisely from OLARIA. Founded by Victor Hugo and Carolina Ramos, the brand was born with the intention of promoting a lifestyle that values the ​​transforming and relevant power of those who do not conform to the limiting barriers. IMPT! is a pioneer B Corp in the streetwear industry.


IMPT! has a global vision but chooses to drink from the sources of its local culture (the northern zone of Rio) to convey optimism, tranquility, confidence, elegance, and nobility through its creations.


The involvement of the brand in NFT/CryptoArt was natural while understanding better the movement's key characteristics as community-driven, collaboration, decentralization, creativity, and collectibility that are perfect matches to the brand DNA and vision.


A General Guide About NFTs - For Beginners - Read Here


How to Buy The CRIAS NFTs?
The CRIAS NFTs collection is only sold on our website or on the collection profile on OpenSea. To buy on Opensea you will need to have a wallet loaded with Ethereum in the required amount plus the gas fee. If you are new to the world of NFT, do your research and find out how to do the whole process safely.


But to buy on our website is easy, you can buy it in dollars (as a normal product), and you will need to inform your crypto wallet address at the checkout. So, we will transfer the NFT for your crypto wallet without any Ethereum or crypto payment needed.

Owning an NFT from The CRIAS guarantees me clothes from IMPT! free?
Yes, if you are the first owner. You are entitled to receive the IMPT! clothes your CRIA wears in the chosen size for free. Only the first owner of the NFT is entitled to redeem it, but any owner of The CRIAS has special discounts at IMPT!.

How to Create a wallet?
We separate some videos that explain how to create a MetaMask wallet (we recommend).

Video 1

Video 2

What Are Gas Fees?
We separate a video that explains what they are and how the gas fees work.
Video 1

After the purchase, can I sell my NFT from The CRIAS to other interested parties?
Yes. As long as it sells within our collection on OpenSea. Just buy or sell your NFTs from The CRIAS through our collection on OpenSea.

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